Steel Blue

Steel Blue HiPA

Not all safety boots offer the same benefits. All Steel Blue boots have been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association “Seal of Acceptance”. This means when you wear a pair of Steel Blues, you are looking after the health of your feet in one of the best ways possible.

Steel Blue make a large range of specialized and comfortable safety shoes and boots using either steel toe-caps, or the company’s unique and light-weight non-metallic Hi-PA™ toe-cap. This means the user can choose the appropriate level of protection they require.

The all new Hi-PA™ range features some of the world’s leading shoe technologies including Outlast temperature regulating technology that helps keep feet at a constant and comfortable temperature no matter how cold or hot it is outside. This remarkable lining material was originally developed for the NASA astronaut space-suits to help regulate extreme temperature fluctuations.

The new Steel Blue Hi-PA is one of the lightest safety boots on the market so you hardly know you are wearing work boots, and because the Hi-PA toecaps aren’t made of metal, they will insulate your toes from extreme variations in temperature, and not set off security metal detectors.

As with all Steel Blue boots and shoes, every pair of Hi-PA footwear is sold with the company’s unique 30 day comfort guarantee, and 6 month warranty. Try a pair today and feel the difference.

For more information www.steelblue.com.au