Stress can be prevented ­ 10 good examples

Stress is widely recognised as one of the main threats to occupational health &
safety.Stress is well on its way to becoming a national scourge on the labour
market ­ both at present and in the future.

The Danish trade union federation therefore examined how ten pioneer companies
have managed work-related stress.

The aim of the survey is to contribute to creating a better foundation for the
companies’ choice of and use of practical methods for managing and preventing
work-related stress.

The survey shows that the companies that are at the forefront of the efforts to
prevent and manage work-related stress have chosen to go for holistic
solutions.The pioneer companies work continuously on creating a good working
environment ­ including a good psycho-social working environment ­ rather than
focusing very narrowly on removing work-related stress. It is positive to see
that the companies’ efforts are holistic and preventive ­ especially noting
that there has previously been a tendency to solve health and safety problems
by focusing on the individual risk factors as the workplace.

Another important result of the survey is that the companies' preventive
efforts are actually profitable. A successful effort prevents more than just
work-related stress and the absence due to sickness that is a consequence
hereof. The effort also results in increased job satisfaction, lower staff
costs, higher productivity, higher quality products and a number of other
advantages to both the workplace and to the individual employee. Therefore, it
is important to be aware of the fact, that preventive efforts actually pay off!

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