Swedish method spreading throughout the world

The Swedish National Institute for Working Life has developed a new method
which increases the value of measuring various working environment factors,
including poor air quality. The method is now being rolled out internationally.
However, while the method is openly available in Sweden, it is being developed
differently around the world, according to researchers in the latest issue of
the scientific journal Annals of Occupational Hygiene.

The measurement method, called PIMEX, involves measuring a working environment
factor while simultaneously videoing a person at work. The measurement value
appears in a box on the video, so that the person can immediately see what
quantities of welding fumes he has inhaled, for example.

"The most striking thing is the way the method has been taken on board in
various countries. In Sweden we offer courses on its use, while others take a
very different approach," explains Gunnar Rosén, researcher at the National
Institute for Working Life and one of the people behind PIMEX.

"In the UK the measurement method is used by the authorities, but the equipment
cannot be bought by companies. However, in Austria and France it has been
developed into a product that is marketed commercially, while the Finnish
authorities have chosen to sell a service where they come out to the workplace
and take the measurements."

The PIMEX method has also played an important part in the development of the
National Institute for Working Life's training material for measures to combat
dust in the workplace. The training material will form part of a global "dust
campaign" run by the World Health Organization and the International Labour

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