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Sympatex + Outlast:Scout - new system

Scout - the new system from Sympatex and Outlast
Sympatex Technologies has launched a new system for more temperature wear comfort in safety footwear in cooperation with Outlast. Scout combines the breathability of the Sympatex membrane with the temperature-regulating effect of Outlast capsules. The reason for this development is that safety shoe manufacturer were interested in using Outlast in their products but did not wish to do without the Sympatex membrane.
Many safety shoes are indeed waterproof, but only few have brathing activity, ie. moisture vapour permeability. This leads almost compulsorily to increased perspiration during increased wearing time and heightened activity.
Scout is a multi-layered system and is processed as a shoe lining: neares to the foot is a textile-layer. This is followed by an acrylate layer with integrated PCM-capsules, a stabilizing foam, and then the Sympatex membrane laminated onto the backing material.