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New Traxx from Bata Industrials


Bata Industrials is introducing Traxx, a new range of safety shoes. The great thing about Traxx is that they not only comply with EN 345 standards, but above all they meet the demands of today’s workforce. People who want footwear which is comfortable and presentable (and not just at work). Traxx has been developed from that perspective, so that they are pleasure to wear for everyone. It is this combination which makes Traxx the ideal safety shoe.

The perfect balance
Protection and wear comfort are actually diametrically opposing demands. The search is always to reduce the weight of the shoe as much as possible, but it must still offer the necessary stability. Because if the wearer has to ‘work’ hard to correct everything in the foot and leg, he or she will get tired sooner. Tiredness goes hand in hand with loss of concentration: one of the most important causes of accidents and injuries at work. Furthermore, you can expend your energy on the work floor in more useful ways. In Traxx Bata Industrials has found the perfect balance. With a combination of lightweight materials and well thought out technical details implemented in a special construction. You can literally see these solutions in the design. We call that ‘visible technology’ at Bata Industrials. What’s much more interesting naturally, is that Traxx fits wonderfully, protects perfectly and looks marvellous.

A shoe full of innovations
Traxx is a real Bata Industrials product. Developed with a view to providing the maximum protection, health and wear comfort, according to the latest insights in the physiology of motion and health care. This is particularly well demonstrated in four innovative features:
Easy Rolling System® Thanks to the subtly pre-formed fore foot, Traxx facilitates the natural flexing of the foot. Thereby utilising less energy. It makes for supple motion and prevents tiredness.
Climate Management Whatever the weather, the internal climate in Traxx is always agreeable. Both the upper and the Bata VentAir® lining are of breathable materials, so that the feet always stay cool and dry and the wearer stays fit.
Tunnelsystem® Sudden, unexpected movements are cushioned by extra springiness and built-in shock absorbers in the heel. This ingenious Tunnelsystem® was developed in co-operation with Prof. Dr. W. Baumann, Professor for Biomechanics. It also provides extra stability, by spreading the pressure over a larger surface area. Thereby making it super safe and comfortable.
QuattroTech® Sole The self-cleaning sole consists of different densities in order to offer the right protection at every point. Hard on the outside (wear resistance and stability), safety soft spots in the interior (antislip in all directions) and the torsion stabiliser which provides extra robustness and support with every movement. Furthermore, from the side, you can see the springy midsole, for optimum shock absorption and comfort. That’s what makes up Quattro. Only available in Traxx.

It goes without saying that Traxx also contains more fundamental elements. Such as a steel toe-cap, leather heel section and full inlay sole. Furthermore, the shoes are water repellent and where necessary provided with a steel mid-sole.

In this way, Traxx meets and even surpasses European safety standards and is available in various models and colours. For more information on this sensational new safety shoe, please contact Bata Industrials Europe, look at www.TraxxAtWork.com or visit our stand 3B70 at the A+A trade fair in Düsseldorf.
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  2. For more information about Traxx please contact: Angelique Meulendijks, Marketing Communications Co-ordinator of Bata Industrials Europe (telephone: +31 (0)499 - 362 298, e-mail: angelique.meulendijks@bata.nl).