TUC survey finds Safety Reps lot is not being made easier

The work of safety representatives is not being made any easier by some of
their employers, a British Trade Union Congress (TUC) survey has disclosed.

Safety reps, in their voluntary role, are obliged to become involved on
occasion with health and safety issues in the workplace that are complex, and
have to do so without the benefit of the lengthy training and education
acquired by safety professionals.

It has been established that, in general, their work benefits both colleagues
and employer, but the TUC notes trends in survey responses:

  • poor relations with employers and supervisory management;
  • job conflict, where difficulty was experienced fitting in safety rep. duties
    with normal paid employment; and
  • inhibition in fully utilising e-mail and the internet

The results from the unionreps survey suggests that most employers have an
either broadly supportive or 'neutral' attitude toward the work undertaken by
union reps ­ indeed almost one in five reps describe their employers as 'very
supportive'. Despite this overall positive picture it is equally clear that
there is a 'hard-core' of employers  who take a less supportive stance. The
survey reveals that this problem is equally spread throughout both the public
and private sectors.

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AplusA-online.de - Source: Trade Union Congress