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Take care of tomorrow today with the new range of Safety Shoes from Steitz Secura – VARIO DYNAMICS


In conjunction with the A+A 2009 exhibition, Steitz Secura is proud to present VARIO Dynamics, a new generation of safety shoes with a modern and sporty edge.
Lighter than ever before, this new range combines the unique multi-zone shock absorption VARIO Vitality with individual fitting options and an especially flexible outsole to ensure an exceptional level of comfort for the feet and back.
Convincing and impressive not only through sportive design, VARIO Dynamics additionally caters to the health requirements of the ever increasing mean age of the workforce.

Without having to compromise on any of its quality trademarks such as the genuine leather inner sole, with VARIO Dynamics, Steitz Secura has developed the lightest safety shoe ever in its 145 year history. This new sporty range revolves around a light outsole that is tailored in the arch and a bridge structured heel that compliments the weight calculated VARIO shock absorption. The flexion zone located at the front of the shoe enables a natural "barefoot feeling" movement of the foot and combined with the Steitz multi-width fitting system, reduces the risk of stumbles and falls.

Walking and standing on hard surfaces, places enormous pressure on the feet which can lead to health problems, especially as we age. Equipped with multi-zone shock absorption, the VARIO Dynamics range offers an effective defence to hinder these negative effects. The clever and unique VARIO Vitality protects not only the back, but relieves the pressure placed upon the fore foot that is particularly sensitive in the older generation. It is in this way that the number of foot health problems can be minimised in this demographic and the productivity of the aging workforce can be maintained.

The entire VARIO Dynamics range, designed and created by Steitz Secura is fitted with a spacious Aluminium toe protection cap and encompasses a wide selection of shoes types, from the innovative sandal with two-fold Velcro fastening, through to the airy S1 half-shoe with a breathable textile upper and also S2 leather half boots.

In true Steitz tradition, this line of safety shoes is sure to please wearer and employer alike.

More Information: Louis STEITZ SECURA GmbH + Co. KG, Vorstadt 40, D-67292 Kirchheimbolanden, info@steitzsecura.com