Teijin Twaron GmbH

Teijin Twaron presents cut- and heat-protection solutions at A & A exhibition

Teijin Twaron will present its innovative Twaron® cut- and heat-protection solutions at the A & A Exhibition in Düsseldorf from September 18 to 21. Teijin Twaron’s Heat & Cut Protection group is renowned for its close cooperation with its customers, providing tailor-made cut- and heat-protection applications, such as gloves and heat-resistant clothing, combined with excellent wearing comfort.

As a material for the protective glove industry, Twaron offers multiple solutions. The standard Twaron para-aramid yarn is the perfect material for protective gloves that combine cut and heat resistance. Twaron Premium Line yarns – Protector, Protector Plus and Comfort – offer even superior cut protection (up to 2 levels higher), together with excellent wearing comfort - just right for those jobs that require high-level dexterity and control. The Twaron product range for cut-protection gloves is completed by Twaron filament yarns, which offer a low-lint solution for clean-room applications, as well as for the production of dipped gloves. Filament yarn-based gloves are known for their comfort because they keep the wearer’s hands cool.

In addition, Specifically in the field of heat protection, Twaron Microfiber blended with other fibers provides high-end solutions that combine outstanding protection with superior wearing comfort.