The A+A Forum and Meeting Point Safety in Hall 12

For the first time, the A+A Forum and Meeting Point Safety will be staged in one exhibition hall. This convergence offers both visitors and exhibitors an interesting mix of presentations by institutions and organisations, as well as companies illustrating occupational safety and health at work hands-on.

Meeting Point Safety, a special presentation spearheaded by Basi members and their cooperation partners, will highlight bodies responsible for occupational safety and health at work at both national and international level. The lineup includes social partners, national occupational safety monitors, statutory accident and health insurance carriers, professional associations, colleges and research institutes, consulting and certification organisations plus many more associations and institutions.

The A+A sweep covers safety and health in the workplace, quality assurance, safe facilities, environmental protection and avoidance of damage to property in theory and practice. The A+A Forum documents how these themes translate at operational level, illustrated by examples from different sectors. Companies including Rewe and Telekom participated in the A+A Forum 2001.

This year also, major players and industries will be represented. Among them will be Deutsche Post AG, the Frauenrath construction company, Gesamtverband des Deutschen Steinkohlebergbaus (German hard-coal mining federation) and Thyssen Krupp Stahl AG.