The Easysafe - A New Innovative Safety Sack Opener

The Easysafe Safety Knife Sack Opener features a patented cutting head design allowing for easy initiation of the cut while maintaining blade contact with the material, even on single layers of film or paper. The piercing point allows for insertion of the cutter into all types of paper, plastic or multi-wall sacks.
This cutter features an integrated replaceable tape slitter on the head of the knife safely cuts packaging tape eliminating the need for the typical exposed blade. The unit allows for an easy blade change - no tools required! Optionally, the cutter is capable of being locked with a special key so that blade changing can be done only by authorized personnel. The required Lock Screw Wrench must be ordered separately. The Easysafe is "GS-Tested for Safety"
The Easysafe Safety Sack Opener will help to dramatically reduce accidents in industrial manufacturing plants and warehouses, making safety the number one priority.