The REACH guidance web pages are now available in more European languages

The REACH guidance web pages are now available also in Czech, Dutch, Finnish,
French, German and Spanish. The list below contains all the Guidance Documents
which are available, or will be available, on the EU-website. These documents
have been developed with the participation of many stakeholders (Industry,
Member States and NGOs) within projects managed by the Commission. The
objective of these documents is to facilitate the implementation of REACH by
describing good practice on how to fulfil the obligations.

In detail there is guidance on the different processes under REACH:

Guidance on registration
This document describes when and how to register a substance under REACH. It
consists of two parts: one on Registration tasks and obligations and the other
on the preparation of the Registration Dossier.

Guidance on pre-registration
This document describes how to identify the substances that can be
pre-registered as well as when and how to pre-register them.

Guidance on data sharing
This document describes data sharing mechanisms for phase-in and non phase-in
substances under REACH. It includes the communication within the SIEF and the
cost sharing guidance. The document also describes the Confidential Business
Information and Competition Law issues in the context of data sharing.

Guidance for intermediates
This document describes when and how the specific provisions for the
registration of intermediates under REACH can be used.

Guidance for monomers and polymers
This document describes the specific provisions for polymers and monomers under

Guidance on Scientific Research and Development (SR&D) and Product and Process
Oriented Research and Development (PPORD)
This document describes specific provisions under REACH for substances
manufactured, imported or used in scientific Research and Development (SR&D)
and Product and Process Oriented Research and Development (PPORD).

Guidance on Classification and Labelling notification
This document describes when and how to notify a classification and labelling
for a substance under REACH.

Guidance on requirements for substances in articles
This document assists producers and importers of articles in identifying
whether they have obligations under REACH; in particular in relation to
registration and notification according to Article 7, and in relation to
article supply chain communication according to Article 33.

Guidance for Downstream Users
This document describes the roles and obligations of downstream users, and
advises them on how to prepare for the implementation for REACH.

Guidance on the preparation of an application for authorisation
This document describes how to prepare an application for authorisation and
provides guidance on analysis of the alternatives and substitution plan. It
also describes how third parties may prepare and submit information on

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