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What do SMEs think about legislative changes which impact on their business?
How do they cope with implementing management systems? These questions and more
are answered in QaulityWorld's SME file, where size really does matter.

In his bid to be elected to the EU women's rights committee in Strasbourg,
Godfrey Bloom, a UK Independence Party MEP, recently stated to reporters that
'no self-respecting small businessman with his brain in the right place would
ever employ a lady of child-bearing age'. Harsh words indeed, but his comments
strike a chord with many small businesses' perceptions of legislation and how
it will affect their profitability. While many of us complain about the
apparent madness of legislation imposed by Brussels, for many SMEs it is the
bane of their lives, whether EU originated or home-grown.

In March 2004, the Small Business Council (SBC) published an evaluation of
government employment regulations and their impact on small business. To some
extent the findings are no surprise. Small businesses feel employment
regulations do not take into account their situation and that the regulations
fit larger businesses better. They perceive larger businesses as having both
the staffing resources and personnel specialists to cope more easily with the
regulations. Put simply, small businesses feel that they are harder hit by
inflexible regulations and legislation.

The key messages from the research are:

  • employment legislation makes no positive difference to small businesses -
    it may actually have a negative impact on employment practices
  • small businesses have low awareness of employment regulations and see
    complying with them as a low priority

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  • Top 10 legal tips

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