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The best on the world market: At the A+A KNEETEK® presents innovative products

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At the A+A KNEETEK® presents innovative products Certified safety with unequalled comfort of wear

Very simple realizations often get great innovations off the ground.
Klaus Bachmann, owner of the company KNEETEK® in Cologne, had such insights and built his business on them. His company offers high-quality knee protection systems since 1995, that make working on your knees safer, more comfortable and effective. "If you want high-grade knee protection, you can't get past us" Klaus Bachmann can say with justified conviction. "We provide the best on the world market."

What you do not wear can not protect you Klaus Bachmann has been working since he was 16 years old. He soon realized that, as a general rule, knee pads are not exactly comfortable to wear. From this personal experience arose the insight that knee protection which is uncomfortable will not be worn - and what is not worn can not protect you. Working in a kneeling position without knee protection carries the risk of direct injury. Additionally the continuous pressure on the knees leads to an increased risk of chronic disorders such as bursitis or damaged cartilages. With this in mind, Klaus Bachmann (member of the standards committee for personal safety equipment/subject area knee protection) develops knee protection systems which are manufactured and marketed by his company KNEETEK®. As one of the first European companies KNEETEK® offers products that have been certified.

The advanced knee pads are certified according to the current norm EN
14404 and combine unequalled comfort of wear with extreme longevity as well as professional protection from accidents and occupational illnesses. This certified quality represents maximum safety.

Certified pioneer
The test norm EN 14404 for knee protection has been in effect since February 2005. Amongst others it stipulates criteria for the minimum size of zones of protection, the knee protection's penetration resistance and what pressure distribution is allowed to occur. Knee pads from the Kneetek company were the first to be certified. According to guideline 98/686/EEC knee protection is defined as personal safety equipment (PPE = personal protective equipment). Knee protection products that are on the market have to be labelled with the CE-emblem.
But all norms and guidelines can not protect your health if they are not adhered to. It is incomprehensible, that cheap and faulty products are still being used when it comes to protecting the highest human good, and that products are still on the market which are not allowed to display the CE-seal any more. Only knee pads that fulfil all requirements of EN 14404 are permitted to be carry this seal.
The importance of optimal knee protection becomes obvious when looking at the numbers published by the department "Statistics - Occupational accidents, Prevention" of the German Legal Accident Insurance (DGUV = Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung). According to these numbers the trade unions reported more than 70.000 knee injuries in businesses in 2005 alone.
KNEETEK® has dedicated itself to the protection of the employee's health and with that also the economical advantage and legal security of the employer.
Three main series offer highly effective products for varying uses. The best materials are used with KEVLAR®*, NEOPREN®*, CORDURA®** and polyurethane which can be chosen according to individual requirements and the surface that has to be worked on. "Roofers do not want to and floor fitters have to slide", encapsulates Klaus Bachmann the different requirements.

Highest safety with unbeatable comfort of wear As an exhibition premiere KNEETEK® presents the SAFETEK Premium series.
It fulfils the demands of absolute professionals and perfectionists.
Due to painstaking, user-orientated product development Safetek knee pads possess a number of characteristics that are without comparison.
The ergonomically shaped contour in combination with the best absorption characteristics make wearing this pad comfortable and safe.
Various models are perfect for a range of applications because they are suitable for different surfaces - whether smooth, sensitive or hard.
The Premium series is not only recommended for users that already have knee injuries due to lack of protection; these will find that KNEETEK® Premium knee pads allow them to return to work safely and unencumbered.
The series is also designed for those, who do not want to let things get that far.
Apart from the front section's special characteristics, the knee pads also have straps which will not hamper movement or cut into the back of the knee.

The established and advanced Professional series is also recommended for professionals. It distinguishes itself by conforming quickly to the individual's knee and its suitability for long use. Wide straps do not cut into the back of the knee as much and guarantee optimal comfort of wear.

The newly developed insertable knee cushions for working trousers from Kneetek are also certified according to EN 14404. It has to be pointed out especially that the certification applies to the combination of knee cushion and trousers. Unbelievably light-weight and comfortable, trousers and knee protection in combination provide effective protection during activities where kneeling is not required for long periods of time. As a service for manufacturers of working clothes, KNEETEK® will carry out the certification for them.

Building blocks for safety and health
KNEETEK® represents intelligent knee protection.
True to the motto "protect more effectively, work more comfortably, live healthier!" more certified high-level products are constantly developed by directly incorporating input from users.
Kneetek optimally combines safety, functionality and comfort as building blocks for efficient knee protection:
Certified according to EN 14404 and PPE type 1 and 2 Protection of knee caps, joints and bursas through excellent absorption Specific knee pad surfaces, according to work surface Products of highest quality and longevity Surface-orientated construction of the knee pad for varying requirements of working life Ergonomically shaped contour with wide straps, first class comfort of wear and perfect fit for working longer and healthier

* KEVLAR®, NEOPREN® are trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours

** CORDURA is a trademark of INVISTA Wichita, KS