Smoke Free Systems Niederlassung Deutschland

The new SF6000 - setting new standards in smoke elimination!


Smoke Free Systems highly successful SF Line is the ideal choice for those looking to eliminate passive smoking in their workplace, without compromising on comfort, design or the social atmosphere.

The newest addition, the innovative SF6000, takes the SF Line's best features one step further. Here, the powerful air filtering system has been improved and combined with an even more open and yet space-saving solution. We also now offer a semi-open version for a more defined smoking zone. This version is ideal for more exposed or possibly hazardous environments.

The result: an optimal balance between design, performance an reliability.

At a glance - improved features in the SF6000:

- Choice of two versions: open and semi-open
- Greater smoke capturing capacity
- Reduced sound level
- Reduced power consumption
- Compact solution with a more open design
- Tougher, more durable construction