BT Deutschland GmbH

Tow- and order picking truck BT ERGOMOVER

BT introduces the new ERGOMOVER, with AC power

BT ERGOMOVER is a flexible range of tow- and order picking trucks, all now featuring an in-wheel AC drive motor.
This range of lightweight machines is specifically designed to work in applications that require light and frequent order picking, and where manoeuvrability and low machine weight, are important requirements. The range consists of different picking units, each with a progressively wider chassis and a tow truck.

The ERGOMOVER range has a modular design with enormous flexibility. A single drive unit sits at the heart of a range of different truck combinations, the design of which is compact and light enough to be used on mezzanine floors. Over 300 different cages and load carriers to provide the ideal solution to suit any application.

AC power brings numerous benefits including reduced maintenance, improved control, regenerative braking (by which energy is fed back to the battery under braking), and greater power efficiency at low speed.

Further improvements are the faster battery change system (less than a 20 second operation), a driver detection system, and thicker floor mats.
ERGOMOVER can enhance efficiency in a vast range of applications including light order picking, and working in manufacturing units delivering components to workstations or production lines. It is ideal as a supply vehicle within, for instance, hospitals and offices, and postal distribution systems.