SINOtec® SicherheitsSysteme GmbH

TransLux rigid screen material for welding protection and robot cabins provide the ideal viewing solution

These panels are excellent for viewing windows in robotic and general machinery cells and also as partitioning around and between production cells. In addition to high impact protection the polycarbonate material also protects the machine operator against impact from flying particles and also splashes from liquids such as coolants, lubricants, petrol and oils.

TransLux protective sheets offer
• Very high resistance to impact
• No electrically conductive
• Resistant against oil, petrol and grease
• High robustness (elongation at tear >80 %)
• Can be formed and bent without heating
• Constant operable low temperature range up to -40º C
• Constant operable high temperature range up to 115º C

TransLux rigid panels are available in different colours. T90 (dark green), T75 (dark green), T55 (eurogreen), T40 (redorange) and T50 (redbrown) are certified according DIN EN 1598. They additionally fulfil the requirements of the tests DIN plus, DIN GS. and ECS tested.

A new product among the TransLux rigid panels is the polycarbonate material in T 90
(dark green ≙ dark state 9). Completely new is the certification of TransLux rigid screen material T 40 (redorange) as well as T 75 (dark green) according to DIN EN 12254:2002, i.e. they protect working places against special laser beams. Moreover, the panels in T40 (redorange) are also certified according DIN EN 207: 2002, i.e. they are applicable as laser safety filters.

Standard size: 1250 mm X 2500 mm X 3 mm available from stock.

TransLux rigid panels are also available in clear polycarbonate. Depending on the exceptional requirements the customer has the alternative to choose among the models UV stabilized, antistatic or with a scratch-resistant surface coating.