SINOtec® SicherheitsSysteme GmbH

TransTac welding pillow

SINOtec has considerably enlarged its product line of heat protection articles. Nearly all customers’ requirements are met by the extensive programme. If it is necessary to have further solutions or alternatives, we are able to realize it depending on the quantity.

The heat protection articles of SINOtec are used wherever heat protection and fire protection is necessary to ensure health and safety at the workplace. SINOtec supplies various kinds of heat protection fabrics matching different fields of application. Different temperature application areas are covered by different fabrics up to approximately 1100° C.

The extensive product line of heat protection articles includes heat protection fabrics as material rolls, heat protection pillows, heat protection curtains as well as heat protection blankets.

The new TransTac welding pillow helps the welder in difficult welding situations. It enables him a welding which is kind to his knees. The sides of the pillow are made of different materials. One side has silica-glass material and the other side has carbon-glass needle – a material which is soft and scratch-free, i.e. sensitive surfaces are protected. The special filling enables a low form of the pillow.