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Trendsetter CWS in washroom hygiene

CWS is regarded as being a big business division with a sound foundation for future growth, more than 100,000 customers and a widely dispersed customerbase spread through all countries.
CWS has shown itself to be a trend-setter in the development of new dispenser systems. Once more CWS defined the direction that future developments will take in washroom hygiene with BestLine: the successful series of fabric hand-towel dispensers with both manually and electronically operated units was expanded with the inclusion of the Best Dry Combi NT. The ready-to-operate reserve roll simplifies maintenance and offers best possible level of hygiene with its non-contact towel-feed. There has also been a quantum leap forward in innovation with the soap-dispensers BestFoam, BestCream and BestAntibact and the patented Autostop.
The latest development at CWS are AquaFresh table water dispensers. The appliance cools, filters, and purifies fresh mains water and carbonises it to different levels turning it into a refreshing drink. At a cost of less than 0.1 Eurocent a litre for drinking water, the benefits of CWS AquaFresh table water are obvious.