Turtle Skin / Warwick Mills

TurtleSkin Gloves

TurtleSkin gloves offer needle, puncture, and cut protection.
TurtleSkin materials have been in many demanding applications such as the blimps flying over the Super Bowl, America's Cup Sails and Apollo Space Missions. Our recent puncture-resistant TurtleSkin® material was first developed for NASA to be used in the crash bags for their Mars Pathfinder Mission. These patented materials are now being used in our TurtleSkin protective gloves where lightweight puncture protection is needed to prevent hand injuries.

Although cut resistance gloves have been around for over twenty years, we realized that nobody was addressing puncture resistance. Our goal is to offer gloves that not only protect from cuts and abrasions, but offers substantial puncture protection as well. The patented TurtleSkin material is made using the tightest weave ever achieved in aramid fiber. The fabric is only as thick as three sheets of paper, so we are able to keep our gloves lightweight and flexible without sacrificing dexterity. Our needle-resistant TurtleSkin gloves for Law Enforcement and corrections Officers have been very successful and we wanted to bring this technology to the general safety market.

We also manufacturer TurtleSkin WaterArmor, a lightweight 12-panel chap and vest system designed to protect high pressure water operators from accidental swipes up to 40,000 psi / 2800 bar.