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Two strong Partners: igefa and Kompetenz4 signed cooperation contract in Berlin To act jointly

A clean and safe workplace is a basic prerequisite for each employee for a high quality work performance. In order to be able to convince with a comprehensive solution for work safety and hygiene, the largest supplier of Personal Protective Equipment Kompetenz4 has sealed a cooperation with the procurement specialist igefa on 29th June.

“Competent partners, experts in their specific fields – this is the key to success for igefa. With the new partnership with Kompetenz4 we are now completing our product range“, so Kai Kruse, Chairman of the igefa Board, on the occasion of signing the contract.

´To act jointly´ is the motto of the cooperating partners. This unique bundling of assortments enables purchasing departments in industry and service companies to minimize both the number of suppliers and procurement costs. Target of the cooperation between igefa and Kompetenz4 is to present themselves jointly as efficient and capable C-parts specialists. For large-scale consumers in the industry, hotel and restaurant sector as well as health care opens up a consistent offer with a single contact person for personal protective equipment and hygiene for the first time.

From clean to safe

Business partners of igefa gain access to a top-quality range of safety at work products. In return, customers of Kompetenz4 Partners Jesse, Rala, Sahlberg and Schloemer get the opportunity to choose from the market-leading assortment of the hygiene specialist igefa. The Kompetenz4 range comprises products for head-, breathing-, hand-, skin- and foot protection as well as factory safety equipment, protective clothing and working clothes. Igefa supplies large-scale customers with comprehensive solutions for cleaning and hygiene, kitchen and sanitary areas, hotel amenities and wellness areas as well as with tabletop products and disposable food packaging.

Both cooperation partners stock the entire portfolio of the respective major manufacturers. The offer is completed by integrated procurement services such as qualified consulting, personal support and high-performance logistics.

At the Cleaning.Management.Services (CMS) fair in September 2011 in Berlin, the trade meeting for cleaning systems, facility management and –services, both partners will present the offer together for the first time. In October, when the world’s largest trade fair for worker protection and safety at work, the A+A 2011, opens its gates in Düsseldorf, both partners will participate again.

“Through this partnership, we get significantly closer to our common objective of providing a comprehensive full supply of safety and hygiene “, so Kompetenz4 member Max Richter.