U.S. Personal Protection Equipment Markets - Innovation and Expansion the new Mantra

To meet the challenges posed by the increasing automation of production
processes, manufacturers of personal protective equipment (PPE) strive to
create better designs and innovative offerings. Complete product lines for
niche markets and one-stop shops from large PPE producers are the order of the

There is a sustained demand for PPE because of continuous education and
awareness among end users. Trends suggest that improved comfort level of
equipment and fashion consciousness among buyers has led to increased
replacement sales.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, U.S. Personal Protection Equipment Markets,
reveals that this industry generated revenues totaling $1.23 billion in 2001.
Total market revenues are estimated to be $1.52 billion in 2008.

"The mature personal protection equipment market provides unique challenges,"
says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Matthias Kubr. The market is highly
price sensitive and end users often choose less expensive products. Recent
strategies by participants to retain and further market share include offering
bundled sales, that is, 'head-to-toe' protection packages.

In their quest to compete in the market, PPE manufacturers are constantly
innovating. For instance, in the self-contained breathing apparatus sector,
additions to firefighting equipment include global positioning systems,
communication devices, and monitors.

Alliances and acquisitions could also provide access to new markets.
"The merger of Bacou Dalloz last year created a true super power in the PPE
industry," says Kubr. "The company is now a top market shareholder offering a
unique one-stop shopping facility to its end users."

U.S. Personal Protection Equipment Markets Report: A087
provides PricewaterhouseCoopers Barometer Surveys.

AplusA-online.de - Source: Frost & Sullivan