UK - HSC stresses importance of worker involvement

The Chair of the British Health and Safety Commission (HSC) has warned that
despite recent progress in raising awareness with respect to the value of
involving workers in health and safety systems, it remained that not enough
employers were properly involving or consulting their staff on health and

The HSC recently issued a statement on endorsing the value of consulting and
involving workers in improving health and safety performance, and commending
the achievements on worker involvement delivered by the Health and Safety
Executive (HSE) to date.

These achievements include:

  • the first practical guidance for employers on how to involve workers in the
    management of health and safety

  • improved online tools and guidance for safety representatives

  • mainstreaming of worker involvement messages into HSE corporate campaigns and
    activities, such as the Better Backs 2006 campaign.

In addition, further work is being taken forward focusing on the four key areas

  • updating and simplifying the guidance available on involving workers

  • extending the work on mainstreaming worker involvement activity in the HSE,
    with a particular focus on the construction industry and the public sector

  • ensuring that HSE Inspectors and local authority enforcement officers promote
    the value of consultation and involvement during interventions with businesses
    both large and small

  • working closely with other key stakeholders, such as Acas, to encourage
    worker involvement more widely in business.

However, despite this, HSC Chair Bill Callaghan said, "We have made good
progress in promoting worker involvement but not enough employers properly
involve and consult their staff on health and safety. Equally, not enough
workers feel able to come forward and take on health and safety

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