UK sets Employers Liability Compulsory Insurance for Reform

The Employers Liability Compulsory Insurance (ELCI) has been reviewed by the UK
Government. According to the British Health and Safety Council (BSC) this is a
unique opportunity for a fundamental reform of the system of compensation for
workplace injury and ill health.

The HSC chair, Mr. Callaghan, welcomed news that the government was proposing
to consider the whole of current employer liability and worker compensation
arrangements, but warned short-term technical adjustments were not the complete
answer. He complained that the current system does not drive better health and
safety performance or rehabilitation. It deals with consequences rather than
prevention. And furthermore it is not economically efficient.

Mr. Callaghan claims that costs should be recognised and borne by those who
create them. "If the costs of health and safety failures were better known and
borne by those who created the risks, a better and more efficient allocation of
resources could follow. And the business case for investment in health and
safety would be clearer to all organisations - remember that prevention and
rehabilitation provides savings, so it is not all about new financial burdens".

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AplusA-online.de - Source: British Safety Council (BSC)