Honeywell Zellweger Analytics

Unipoint controller launched as part of Zareba range

Honeywell Zellweger Analytics, the world's leading manufacturer of industrial gas detection systems, is pleased to announce that it has launched Unipoint, a DIN rail mounted controller as part of its' Zareba range of fixed gas detectors for commercial and industrial applications.

Unipoint is a simple DIN rail mounted controller that offers integrators a flexible and low-cost way of incorporating a range of gas detection solutions into their control systems. With the addition of one of Zareba's flammable, toxic or oxygen detectors, systems can be configured to monitor gases in a wide range of applications.

Unipoint can be installed into any plastic or metal enclosure for use indoor or outdoors and even in potentially explosive atmospheres. With a socket power distribution bus and versions for use with both mV and mA gas detectors, Unipoint enables easy expansion and maintenance of a detection system without interrupting neighbouring devices.

Ideal applications for Unipoint include car parks, boiler houses, HVAC systems and analyser houses. A further benefit of Unipoint is its' compatibility with Signalpoint, the flammable, toxic and oxygen gas detector from Sieger, Honeywell Zellweger Analytics' range of robust fixed detectors for the harshest environments.

Steve Forrest, Business Development Director, Fixed Systems, says "We are delighted to have added Unipoint to our Zareba range. The controller's uncomplicated design is great for customers who need to integrate gas detectors into a third party control system or build a small standalone gas detection solution. Unipoint enhances Zareba as a simple and effective range, for easy and inexpensive compliance.”