Unusual sentence for a job-related fatality in USA - Boss gets jail time in worker's death

A contractor in California has been sentenced to a year in jail after pleading
no contest to involuntary manslaughter for a forklift accident that killed an
employee. He also must pay $7,500 to the victim's family and a $5,000 fine
under a plea agreement. Prosecutors said the contractor hired a 21-year-old
friend and frequent employee, to help him move a 'brake', a 1 ton piece of
metal-bending equipment. However, according to prosecutors, the employee was
legally disabled, with attention deficit disorder and hand tremors that
prevented him from getting a driver's licence. State law requires anyone using
a forklift to be certified - a certification the employee did not have,
prosecutors said. The forklift tipped over on a steep hill, crushing the
employee to death.

Further information: San Francisco Chronicle, November 15, 2002

AplusA-online.de - Source: San Francisco Chronicle