Updated standard on safety when using lasers

As a result of advances in laser devices and applications, new guidelines have
been incorporated into a revised laser safety standard in USA. The new revision
should be obtained by all laser end users and is a must for users of class 3B
and 4 lasers as it renders all previous editions obsolete. Since the ANSI
Z136.1 standard is the foundation of laser safety programs for industrial,
military, medical, and educational applications nationwide, revisions to the
previous version can and will affect the training and practice of laser safety
in these environments. Changes to the previous version include the addition of
new laser hazard classification definitions, new requirements for refresher
training, and changes to medical surveillance requirements. The ANSI Z136.1
(2007) standard provides an updated and thorough set of guidelines for
implementing a safe laser program.

In addition to these changes, the standard covers laser safety program
provisions including the duties and responsibilities of the LSO, non-beam
hazards, administrative/engineering control measures, definitions, optical
density, nominal hazard zone (NHZ), MPEs, accessible emission limit (AEL),
bioeffects, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and example calculations.

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AplusA-online.de - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work