Albert Fezer Maschinenfabrik GmbH


The VacuGiant offers a wide range of applications for the horizontal handling of materials with smooth surfaces that are impermeable to air, such as metal sheets, scaled or rusty sheets, plastic plates, dense and smooth stone plates and other dense materials. The modular system makes it possible to find a suitable device for each work piece up to a weight of 6.4 t. The carrying capacity of the devices depends on the size and the number of suction plates used. The suction plates can be easily adjusted by hand, so that work pieces with different dimensions can be handled with the same set of suction plates.The VacuGiant vacuum devices are complete units with compact design, ready for connection. A user-friendly operating handle, rapid switching from suction to release, monitoring of the vacuum with a vacuum gauge in the visible range and a built-in low-pressure switch ensure a very high operating safety. An acoustic warning function is standard equipment for these devices. The vacuum of the suction plates is controlled with manually operated valves or with electro-magnetic valves and pressure sensors.