Albert Fezer Maschinenfabrik GmbH


The design principle of the vacuum load-handling device VacuPowerlift is to use the same vacuum for clamping as well as for lifting of the load. The required vacuum is generated by a fan that can be locates up to 30 m from the work place. A hose connects the lifting tube of the device to the fan. A built-in filter ensures that no dirt particles can get into the fan. The lifting tube can be fixed to a hanging suspension, a wall-mounted or column-type swivel crane or an overhead travelling crane. A rotary joint allows unlimited rotation by 360°. The lifting tube is controlled via an easy-to-grip operation lever, which is mounted on the suction head of the lifting tube. This lever regulates the additional air. If much additional air is let in, the lifting tube is lowered. If little or no additional air is let in, the lifting tube contracts and lifts the load held by suction. Standard lifting heights of 1.7 m or 2.5 m are available. VacuPowerlift is a complete lifting system for all industrial areas. The maximum carrying capacity is 140 kg. The system can be equipped for lifting of goods of practically all shapes and sizes by using different models of lifting tubes, suction foots and other accessories. Examples are TV sets, bags, planks, cardboard boxes, tins, plastic plates and furniture. Stainless steel versions for use in food processing are also available.