Visual arts as a supportive measure for improving well-being at work

A recently in Finland published feasibility report shows visual arts as a
supportive measure for improving well-being at work and promoting employee work
ability. It gives new ideas and practical examples. The feasibility study aimed
to explore new possibilities that artistic activities can offer to improve
safety and health at work and to promote employee work ability. The material
was gathered from literature databases and from good practice cases in various
countries, mainly from Germany.

The study concludes that art is an aid for thinking. Art widens understanding,
because it reflects life in wider and deeper
ways. It can change perspectives of life and help to understand other people,

By means of art it is possible to handle feelings and fears at work as well as
problems dealing with ageing. It is necessary to recognise these feelings and
to deal with them. If it is not possible, it will create stress and fatigue.
There are also other areas where art can help people:

- to create one's own inner framework that can transfer to work

- to live more in this moment

- help to deal with the uncertainty of life

- to take into account equality aspects in working life.

Furthermore the study concludes that currently there are strong signals

- of interaction between culture and working

- ife and how it can provide new possibilities to improve quality of work.

As a result of this project, further research on this topic is recommended in
Finland as part of developing health and safety at work.

Further Information

AplusA-online.de - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work