Weiss GWE GmbH

WIBObarrier-Proved Cleanroom System,Optimized Working Conditions

The company Weiss GWE GmbH with its head office located in Hude, in Lower Saxony, is well-known as an innovative and efficient producer as well as provider of units for the capturing and extraction of pollutants. In the last 20 years the company has gained a high reputation in the clean-room technology.

Weiss GWE has developed a product innovation again. According to the special requirements on the market, the company improved its established WIBObarrier-unit by constructing a workplace with an integrated clean-room zone as well as a considerably enlarged front opening.

A consequent further development of the special air curtain nozzle system, made it possible to extend the free access opening from the height of 650 mm to 1.000 mm, resulting in a considerably enlarged ergonomic working area as well as in a better accessibility to machines or devices placed there.
The efficiency and reliability of the patented WIBObarrier air curtain principle could therewith even increase. The barrier separates the clean-room zone of the workplace from the operator resp. from the environment in such a stable way that a protection factor until 100.000 is possible.

This modified unit, which also meets the demands of the GMP guideline is used wherever persons and/or products have to be protected from air-borne particles in order to achieve the highest quality. The fields of application are various. For example, works like filling and refilling, weighing, mounting, sampling etc. can be carried out safely in the chemical-, pharmaceutical-, food- and cosmetics industry, optical- and electronics industry and precision technique.

WIBObarrier clean-room workplaces can be operated as self-sufficient units with circulating air independently from the existing ventilation. As alternative they can be connected to the exhaust air system which is supplied by the customer.