Schoeller Textil AG

Water and dirt repellency in schoeller®-works fabrics at the highest level

Nanotechnology is the key technology of the 21st century. It presents major opportunities for the textile industry and the manufacturers of personal protective equipment (PPE). Visitors to this year’s A+A will see interesting innovations in this area and one outstanding example is NanoSphere®, the water and dirt repelling finishing technology based on nanoparticles. It is characterized by extremely high levels of oil and dirt repellency, extreme abrasion resistence and washing permanence. Due to the use of the most modern C6-fluorocarbon technology, NanoSphere® is also free of PFOA and PFOS*. This combination of highest performance and the greatest degree of ecological safety gives this product, which was developed in Switzerland in accordance with the criteria of the bluesign®-standard, its worldwide unique selling point.

Comfortable and sustainable solutions with an extremely hardwearing textile finish
Because workers often have to move around a lot, carry heavy loads and struggle with bulky objects, the textile surface of workwear suffers a lot of abuse and conventional impregnation frequently wears off within a very short time. The repeatedly award-winning NanoSphere® finishing technology behaves completely differently. Due to a sophisticated combination of materials, as well as the coating matrix, it is extremely abrasion resistant and defies scuffing and therefore the high level of water, dirt and oil repellency remains intact for so much longer. “A NanoSphere® protective coating is the ideal solution for many applications in the world of work,” says Antonio Gatti, Business Unit Manager of schoeller®-works. “There are undoubtedly certain professional groups who are exposed to rain for hours at a time and therefore need actual rain jackets. For all the others, however, a high level of reliable water repellency, such as that offered by NanoSphere®, is perfect”. schoeller®-works uses NanoSphere® for a variety of pants, jacket and

bodywarmer weights (some of them in high-visibility colors in accordance with EN 471-Norm) for protective workwear, uniforms and corporate wear. The functional finish does not affect the look, feel, breathability or the elasticity of a fabric. On the contrary, particularly for clothes in high-visibility colors, NanoSphere® has further advantages; because the fluorescent colors soil less quickly, the cleaning is simpler and visibility remains pronounced for longer. They need less frequent replacement, which becomes positively obvious both ecologically and economically.