Web Site on Drug-free Workplaces

The US Department of Labor has revamped its Working Partners for an Alcohol-
and Drug-Free Workplace Web site to better connect employers to valuable online
information and tools. Quite a number of adult illicit drug users are employed
either full or part time. Businesses as well as society pay a high price for
these workers' drug abuse. Some costs - increased absences, accidents and
errors - are obvious. Others, such as low employee morale and high illness
rates, are less so, but the effects are equally harmful.

The Working Partners initiative raises awareness about the impact drugs and
alcohol have on the workplace and provide information on how to establish
drug-free workplace programs that protect worker safety and health. This
resource can be especially helpful for small businesses, which may be most
vulnerable to workplace substance abuse, according to the agency.

The Working Partners Web site's new design offers improved access to free
resources and tools to help establish and maintain such programs. The Web site
features the Drug-Free Workplace Advisor, an interactive tool that helps
employers build tailored, drug-free workplace policies and programs; the
Substance Abuse Information Database, an online repository of hundreds of
documents related to workplace alcohol and drug abuse; basic information about
substance abuse and how it affects employment; and directories of national,
state and local resources as well as state laws that may assist employers in
making their businesses drug free.

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