Wind of Change. New Approaches and Strategies in Safety and Health at Work

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work in cooperation with the European Commission and the Federal Association for Occupational Safety and
Health organised a special European session ‘The wind of change - new
approaches and strategies in safety and health at work’ at the A+A 2003
Congress, Düsseldorf.

The world of work is changing rapidly and significant developments have talen
place: We have witnessed major demographic changes including the ageing of our
workforce and an increased female labour market presence. Every day, more
people work with computers and new types of work have appeared, for example
call centres and new forms of employment have emerged, as more and more people
are working as self-employed.

And with the full effect of the transition process towards a service- and
information society we have seen new types of health risks appearing, namely
psychosocial risks, with more than 40 million workers in Europe suffering work
related stress and a significant and increasing number of people being victims
of mobbing and violence at work.

As at the same time traditional risks like accidents are not diminishing at the
speed we had expected; the safety and health situation of European citizens at
work is not at all satisfactory. Levels of fatal and other accidents remain
stubbornly high and new types of work related illnesses like repetitive strain
injuries, cardiovascular and stress-related problems are added to an already
long list of work related health problems. Besides the human suffering, the
economy is suffering too; 500 million workdays lost every year and the total
costs for society all estimated as being more than 3 % of Europe’s GNP.

The proceedings of this special European session are now presented on the
internet, including:

- Programme

- Introduction and welcome by Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, Director of the Agency

- Opening statement, Anna Diamantopoulou, European Commissioner for Employment
and Social Affairs (Video address)

- European and National Strategies

- The recent Community Strategy - introducing a new era in the European
Union’s approach to safety and health

- Targeting safety and health policy at national level

- Towards a European prevention culture

- Networking for health - Occupational safety and health in the network society

- European Campaigns - promoting safe and healthy work

- New approaches to safety, health and productivity at company level

- Closing keynote

- Contact details

- Video presentation

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