Work, Health and Living Conditions for Construction Workers on Large-Scale Construction Projects

For the first time in Denmark, a study has looked at the conditions for
construction workers employed on large-scale developments with temporary
accommodation and working time contracts requiring 10­12 hour shifts. The Work,
Health and Living in Camps project focused on the joint impact of hard physical
work, long hours and temporary accommodation in construction camps on workers’
health and well-being.

It aimed especially on the establishing the impact on workers’ health and
general welfare of the type of life typically associated with such projects:
the strenuous work, long hours and on-site housing in so-called construction
camps. Finally, on the basis of the findings, the project was asked to
elaborate preventive measures.

Wherever building and construction work is done, there are certain common

- Mobile labour within and across country borders

- Long hours and/or long on/off cycles (extended periods of work, interspersed
with extended periods at home)

- Extended periods spent away from home.

The study recommends in detail a Wider perspective on preventive measures

- Good sleeping habits, essentially by reducing noise

- Hygienic facilities for the storage and preparation of food, including a
certain amount of privacy to prepare and enjoy meals

- Sufficient and healthy morning and evening meals at the camp

- Contact with family and friends at home, via telephone and Internet, for

- Opportunity for social interaction

Further Information

AplusA-online.de - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work