Work-related stress and The Well Managed Organisation

The British Work Foundation and the Brtitish Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
have worked closely to produce a suite of guidance products designed to help
public sector organisations improve their management of sickness absence. The
guides are designed to promote:

  • Monitoring, measuring and understanding sickness absence;

  • Managing sickness absence when it happens;

  • Tackling the underlying causes of absence; and

  • A culture that encourages attendance.

To reflect these objectives the Work Foundation produced a suite of three
products aimed at different levels of the management chain:

  • Guidelines for Boards. These are aimed at Chief Executives and board members.
    They are intended to support boards as they address sickness absence and
    promote a healthy workplace. They are designed to be part of a "whole systems"
    approach that: (a) links top level commitment to operational delivery; (b)
    tackles problems that are organisational rather than individual; and (c)
    involves employees and their representatives;

  • Guidelines for HR Directors and Senior Managers. These supplement the
    guidelines for boards. They provide a framework for considering the reduction
    of absence and the promotion of healthy attendance and sources of further

  • Diagnostic Tools for Handling Sickness Absence. This toolkit supplements the
    guidance for boards and HR directors. It is aimed at practitioners and will
    help them to: (a) identify management skills and training needs; (b) assess
    underlying causes of absence, especially where they might be improved through
    better work organisation and job design; and (c) implement best practice in
    engaging the workforce. It includes pointers to further sources of help and

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