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Work clothing and safety at work

boco displays the latest trends at A+A
Today there is no dispute about the benefits of specially made workwear for company employees. There is no doubt that a well designed outfit contributes towards a unique corporate image. And at the same time, only collections designed to meet the needs of the industry provide the best possible safety at work.
boco gives both these factors special consideration at the A+A this year. The traditional labourer in a blue boiler suit hasn't just been "blue" for a long time now. In addition, the traditional material cotton has given way to modern mixed fabrics. On the other hand, contemporary safety clothing has become comfortable to wear and doesn't need to be afraid of being compared to leisure wear. In recent times the range of workwear was expanded towards business suits for men and women.
Consequently boco is showing something of its fresh and fashionable side as well as focusing on safety and accident prevention. Its trade fair highlights are new workwear collections for industry, crafts, trade, service and special safety wear. And last but not least the innovative Corporate Fashion Line, the first line of washable business outfits.