Worker Consultation and Involvement

There is strong evidence to suggest that involving the workforce in health and
safety matters has a positive effect on health and safety performance. This
makes intuitive sense ­ those who perform tasks should know most about the
hazards posed by their work, and the actions required to work in a safe and
healthy way.

In order to realise these potential benefits, the British Health and Safety
Commission (HSE) has prioritised worker involvement as a key plank of its
Strategy to 2010. At the heart of our activity on worker involvement is raising
awareness of these potential benefits, by changing attitudes to health and
safety, and to worker involvement in it.

Achieving this aim requires the commitment of the whole health and safety
system ­ employers, workers, inspectors and enforcement officers, health and
safety professionals and health and safety policymakers. Health and safety
visiting staff in particular have a vital role to play in promoting the value
of worker involvement, and giving practical advice on how workers can be

The topic pack is designed to help staff in HSE and Local Authorities to:

  • understand what is meant by 'worker involvement';

  • understand the legal requirements to inform and consult workers, along with
    the policy position on enforcing those requirements;

  • determine when discussion of worker involvement is appropriate; and

  • promote the benefits of involving workers.

By implementing this guidance during workplace visits, inspectors will help
both the employer and workers (or their representatives) to:

  • understand the legal requirement for information and consultation,

  • understand what worker involvement is:

  • find the subject less difficult to understand; and

  • be motivated to begin to better participate in the management of health and

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