Workplace health promotion - a European platform

Operating in a highly competitive business environment and at a time of
increasing pressure on the labour market, many employers in Europe are aware of
the need to implement measures to improve productivity and efficiency and at
the same time enhance the working environment and culture. Workplace health
promotion has been shown to make a major contribution to the achievement of
these outcomes. The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP)
promotes good practice in workplace health promotion and advocates the adoption
of such practice in all European workplaces.

A resource is available for those who must keep up to date with the very latest
developments in the field of workplace health promotion to reduce the impact of
ill-health on the workforce.

National forums and networks are fostered by the European Network for Workplace
Health Promotion (ENWHP), these facilitate cross-border exchanges of
information and the dissemination of good workplace practice, and are
contributed to by occupational health and safety institutes, public health,
health promotion and statutory social insurance institutions.

Its website hosts self-assessment questionnaires, toolbox, links and

Further information

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