Melchior Textil GmbH

Workwear fabrics with a difference

For workwear manufacturers committed to producing occupational clothing with that certain something, textile specialist Melchior from Wangen im Allgäu is the right address.

The number of service sector employees who wear occupational clothing is constantly on the rise. Sales staff in bakeries and grocery stores, service staff in the catering and hotel trades, nursing staff in homes and hospitals all wear standardised outfits that identify them as members of a particular company or institution. When creating customised workwear, it is important to ensure that it reflects and underlines the corporate identity of the company.
To cater for the individual needs of the various trades and industries, workwear manufacturers need the right fabrics for the right purpose.

Textile specialist Melchior has the optimum solution for every requirement. The Bavarian-based company produces an extensive range of fabrics which are suitable for industrial laundering and offer a high degree of wearer comfort. In particular, it is their exclusive designs and fashionable colours which make them so popular with clothing manufacturers, as can be seen by the success of the latest collection. A lively striped pattern combining mocca, anthracite or shades of brown such as café latte with black adds a special flair to garments for the catering business, for example. The same applies to the faux-uni fabrics in muted and trendy shades ranging from grey to rosé. The new stretch materials, which, thanks to the new elastic fibre Dow XLA, are suitable for leasing, guarantee that figure-hugging garments are real eye-catchers.
However, it is not only the catering trade which reaps the fruits of Melchior’s ingenuity. Structured white finishes and innovative, soft Lyocell and polyester blends bring a number of new elements into play and offer modern manufacturers of workwear for the service sector the opportunity to give their products a completely new look.