Young people and workplace safety and health

Young workers have a higher accident rate than older workers for a number of
reasons including their lack of training, experience and awareness of OSH;
their immaturity, both physically and mentally; and, the types of jobs and
employment situations in which they are placed.

This has implications for young workers themselves, for their employers and
supervisors as well as for policy makers. It has implications for those
involved in OSH, those involved in education, and those involved in policy
making in these areas. The European Agency provides resources and publications
for all these groups which you can access from these pages.

In detail one finds information on

  • Bullying and harassment       
  • Bullying in school    
  • Chemicals     
  • Child labour  
  • Children at work - family workers     
  • Children at work - school children and students       
  • Cleaners      
  • Construction, maintenance and labouring       
  • Consulting and participation  
  • Delivery work         
  • Disabilities  
  • Driving       
  • Educators- Mainstreaming OSH into education   
  • Employers' information        
  • Electricity   
  • Factories     
  • Farm work, work with animals  
  • Gardening and park work       
  • Hairdressing  
  • Health and social care work   
  • Heights       
  • Hotels and catering   
  • Legislation   
  • Lifeguards    
  • Lift trucks   
  • Machines and equipment        
  • Manual handling, lifting      
  • Musculoskeletal disorders, repetition injuries        
  • Museums. Exhibition centres   
  • Noise         
  • Offices       
  • Paints        
  • Parents' information  
  • Programmes and policies       
  • Recreation and leisure        
  • Risk assessment and management        
  • School children's information         
  • Schoolteachers' information   
  • School safety         
  • Shops and supermarkets        
  • Slips, trips and falls        
  • Statistics and facts  
  • Stress        
  • Supervisor's information      
  • Training - vocational         
  • Training - workplace  
  • Transport sector      
  • Violence from the public      
  • Warehouses    
  • Women         
  • Work experience preparation   
  • Workshops / garages

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