Ejendals AB

a new range of work gloves

Tegera PRO is a new range of work gloves which is setting completely new standards for quality, design and ergonomics. The gloves in the Tegera PRO range are made primarily of new materials, which means that they are more durable, more flexible and more comfortable. In addition they provide the highest possible levels of protection.

Emphasis on ergonomics
The hands are our most important tool. This is why the Tegera PRO range has been ergonomically designed down to the smallest detail, resulting in gloves with a perfect fit, extra good grip and carefully thought out safety features. The air-permeable material that allows the gloves to breathe is only one of many details, which make the Tegera PRO range one of the safest and most comfortable on the market.

Designed to fit your hands
A thin, flexible, strong glove that is designed to accommodate the hands' natural shape and function is by definition a safer glove. Some examples of the careful design of the Tegera PRO include the ergonomically designed thumb, the bent fingers and the special knuckle protection.