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euroline sharp edge rope "EDGER"

euroline sharp edge rope "EDGER" 8mm

When falling over an edge, there is a high risk that the user’s rope or lanyard is cut by a sharp edge leading to unhindered falling. Therefore we have developed the sharp edge rope EDGER with rope adjuster, which also works with falls over real edges (radius even smaller than 0.5 mm) and is not cut through.
The steel rope core of our sharp edge rope even withstands a fall with factor 2 over a steel edge as well as over a concrete edge (even with deflection, which is inevitable with swinging falls) and absorbs the fall in a controlled way. The tape fall absorber (EN 355) reduces the occurring force to a body-bearable
degree of below 6 kN. Consequently falling over sharp edges of any material (wood, concrete, steel, trapezoidal sheet metal, glass) with EDGER does not mean a threat to the user anymore.

Lengths up to 2 metres are used as a lanyard in order to position the working place and are therefore delivered without tape fall absorber. Lengths of more than 2 metres can be used in fall Arrest and restraint systems, so they are delivered as standard with tape fall absorber on the fall arrester.
The fall arrester is clamped under spring tension to the rope and therefore well suited for restraint systems on flat roofs, for instance.
The sharp edge rope EDGER is available with two different diameters of steel rope core:
- with 6 mm steel rope core - extremely light and flexible for general use, e.g. maintenance on flat roofs (outside diameter 12mm)

- with 8 mm steel rope core - very solid and safe against cutting through for sophisticated use with massive strain, such as pole climbers, tree cutters etc. (outside diameter 13mm)

Core and sheath of the sharp edge rope EDGER are glued together, which avoids sheath slippage, increasing significantly the lifespan of EDGER.