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CHAPS & MORE, producer and inventor of chaps for all branchs, has developed something brandnew in leg protection.

The new trousers are made out of a comfortable, grey coloured stretch cloth, in a fashionable five-pocket-style.

The watertight, artificial leather surface – from the front of the leg partly to the back - protect the leg consequently up to three hand´s breadth higher than the knees. So the worker can knee without any risk in the cement, plaster or water. The certified knee pads according DIN 14404, which are already used in the chaps, are also used in the stretch trousers.

The material of the stretch cloth is 98 % cotton and 2 % elastic material. Because of this elastic material, the seams at the crotch cannot rip. So the trousers have a higher durability.

The trousers out of the stretch material are made with a waistband. The dungarees are made with 60 % cotton and 40 % polyester. Both types are available in the sizes 48 – 60 at CHAPS & MORE.

Additionally, CHAPS & MORE has developed a new watertight arm protection for the A & A. The arm is protected from the hand articulation to the shoulder. Both arm protectors are bonded with each other over the back. Therefore, the protectors cannot come down. The length of the arm protectors is adjustable.

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