Schoeller Textil AG

schoeller®-works introduces the c_change™ climate membrane into everyday life

For years, membrane technology has been proving its worth in workwear, ensuring that consistent performance is possible despite wind and rain. With the c_change™-membrane, a new membrane generation is making its way into functional workwear. Using biomimicry, it reacts to changing temperatures just like a pinecone. When a higher ambient temperature, greater activity or increased body heat results in more moisture which has to be transported away, it becomes active. The flexible polymer structure of the hydrophilic membrane alters, allowing water vapor to escape quickly to the outside air. As soon as the body produces less heat energy, and consequently less moisture, the polymer structure returns to its original position. In this way, the water vapor permeability adapts flexibly to ensure an optimum climate close to the body.

Modern weather protection with a high level of comfort and safety
schoeller®-works, the new division of Schoeller Switzerland, is incorporating this first intelligent membrane into highly functional and attractive fabrics for uniforms, corporate wear and protective workwear. What does this mean in actual practice, particularly in the world of movement intensive everyday work? “Greater comfort, quite clearly, perhaps even a whole new experience when working in the rain,” says Antonio Gatti, Business Unit Manager at schoeller®-works. “The waterproofing and wind resistance are at a very high level. The wearer perspires significantly less when performing tough, physical work or when it is warm outside. We are sure that this membrane technology is going to be a big hit,” says Gatti, “for a long time now, it has been in successful use among the major brands in motorcycle sports and the outdoor area.” At A+A , the products on display will include water and windproof fabrics for jackets and pants in the current high-visibility colors (EN 471) with c_change™. Certain weights also feature the self-cleaning NanoSphere® effect or the two-fold sun protection coldblack® and support freedom of movement through stretch properties. When it comes to breathability and waterproofing, the bionic c_changeTM membrane easily exceeds the requirements of the highest class of the EN-343 norm.