DB Schenker counts on exoskeletons by Ottobock: A big step towards workplace safety and productivity


Photo: A person wearing safety clothing and an exoskeleton on their back lifts a box; Copyright: DB Schenker / Mirko Plha

Ottobock and DB Schenker agree: Preventive health protection in the workplace should always be a priority.

Monotonous or flexible work routines: The right exoskeleton is here for every task

Photo: Three people working in a warehouse with different models of the Ottobock exoskeleton range; Copyright: Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

Different exoskeletons can become useful depending on requirements. Ottobock is in exchange with DB Schenker, advises and also works on follow-up models with feedback from users.

Clear evidence makes exoskeletons the favorite daily helpers

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