Sustainability in the textile industry – easier said than done?

Interview with Lena Bay Højland, Product Director, Fristads and Kansas


Photo: a woman with curls in a white tshirt, arms crossed - Lena Bay Hojland; Copyright: Fristads Kansas

Lena Bay Højland

Many factors help to achieve the goal

Photo: a woman leans against an excavator in high visibility clothing; Copyright: Fristads AB

PPE should be as sustainable as possible, but it must meet the different requirements on a construction site.

 Photo: a man wearing high visibility clothing working on a ship ; Copyright: Fristads AB

The sustainability of a garment is not only determined by the materials used, but also by the manufacturing process and the resources consumed.

Creating inspiration for customers and competitors

Image: Screenshot of the Green Calculator by Fristads; Copyright: Fristads

The Green Calculator shows consumers in a clear way how much water and CO2 they can save by choosing a sustainable product with EPD (calculated here as an example for a company with 30 employees).

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