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Statement Prof. Dr. Ralph Bruder, TU Darmstadt, on the Future of Work

Companies of the Highlight Tour

ABS Safety GmbH - Hall 6 A47

Simply digital! Document the installation and maintenance of your fall arrest systems quickly and easily using your smartphone

Use our ABS-Lock Book to document the installation and annual inspections of your fall arrest systems digitally to make sure everything is complete and rule-compliant. All your important anchorage system data, plans and images will be in one place. You can process and review this information from anywhere - any time; from the PC in your office or onsite using your tablet. This application really reduces the workload of your fitters and maintenance technicians - and, last but not least, of your company’s safety officer.

On-site contact person:
Sebastian Klenke

Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) e. V. / Hall 10 D42


The Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) e.V. presents a workplace that has been optimised to meet the needs of the back in a vivid way. We invite you to join us on an exciting journey to modern back-friendly workplace concepts. The combination of digitalisation and ergonomics at the workplace is not mutually exclusive. For the first time, workstation elements and ergonomically optimized products of various manufacturers are combined to a logically structured workstation system.

On-site contact person:
Detlef Detjen, Malte Kammann

AST GmbH / Hall 10 J42

Digital Training

The digital qualification is a comprehensive and conclusive concept according to which the initial training, qualification management and follow-up training can be performed digitally. In the initial training, the theory is provided in an e-learning session and the practical training is done via VR simulators. The Photo shows a user with VR-glasses and with a simulator in a practical test run for a professional qualification when working with lifting platforms.

On-site contact person:
Angelika and Matthias Müller

Contour Design Nordic A/S - Hall 10 F29

Ergonomic work principles adapted for mobile workstations

When setting up stationary workstations in offices, numerous occupational safety and ergonomics regulations have been developed, and must be observed. They serve to prevent injuries and prevent health problems. For those who work mobile, there is much less knowledge and regulations. Laptops, smartphones and notebooks have their own challenges and risks. When choosing mobile work tools, ergonomics should always play the biggest role! Too small keyboards or screens lead to health problems in the medium and long term, and in the worst case to work incapacities. We help to avoid these health problems also for mobile work.

On-site contact person:
Nicole Lisson

Cosanta BV - Hall 10 G22

Modern Chemicals Management using Stoffenmanager®: validated, efficient & online!

Cosanta B.V. is a Dutch Tech Scale Up located in Amsterdam-Amstelveen. Stoffenmanager®(www.stoffenmanager.com) helps organisations to comply with the regulatory and broader ethical and sustainability requirements concerning chemical substances. Stoffenmanager® is an innovative online tool to identify the risks of working with hazardous substances, assess and control the exposure to hazardous chemical substances (incl. CMR) at workplaces and to communicate about possible dangers in an understandable, transparent manner to employees, managers and external authorities.

On-site contact person:
Dr. Daniela Treutlein
Dr. Albert Hollander
Henri Heussen PhD

Stoffenmanager® Video

DENIOS AG Umweltschutz & Sicherheit - Hall 6 G27

DENIOS connect - the digital tool for more safety and compliance of hazardous material storage and optimal support for the fulfillment of operator duties

Anyone who operates a hazardous materials storage to safely store raw materials, operating materials or products has an interest in avoiding down times of machines, having hazardous materials storages under control, avoiding or reducing risks due to the hazardousness of the substances and monitoring the defined operating parameters permanently. Various monitoring and documentations are among the extensive operator duties and a compliant storage of hazardous substances. In an emergency, a targeted emergency response management should be supported. In the best case, the operational data offer the possibility to optimize logistical processes as well.

On-site contact person:
Udo Roth

Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA - Hall 6 E05

Quicker, safer, more efficiently: clearance with innovative methods

Working in confined spaces and containers is always linked with risk: the threat of an explosion, toxic hazards and lack of oxygen. Before beginning work, clearance of these spaces by gas analysts is the responsibility of every plant’s safety management but is at the same time a costly process. With a digital and innovative cloud-based-solution Dräger has now simplified the clearance measurement procedure and made it saver and more efficient.

On-site contact person:
Celina Fiedler
Robert Roggensack
Sven Schmellenkamp

DÜPERTHAL Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. KG - Hall 6 D25

Smart prevention with safety storage cabinets

The solution starts at the basis, the safety cabinet for safe storage and handling of hazardous substances. As a rule, this is suitable for preventive protective measures, but also to free employees from "annoying" and inefficient activities. This is where the MyDÜPERTHAL database, including app with graphical user interface, docks. The app collects and connects the digital information of individual island areas in the company, makes events reproducible and retrievable at any time worldwide in real time.

On-site contact person:
Uwe Wellmann

Fraunhofer IPA - Hall 10 C22

Assessment and support during hard physical work

The health of hard-working people in assembly, logistics, forestry and agriculture is very important to us. Fraunhofer IPA with University of Stuttgart, Institute IFF and IAO show

  • New approaches to assessment of hard physical work,
  • Live visualization of physical load
  • Digitally based process improvement and research approaches to physical assistance in hard physical work with passive and active systems

    Also the cooperative structure of the "FutureWorkLab" in Stuttgart will be explained.

    On-site contact person:
    Urban Daub
    Marco Schalk

Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal Projekt VRsafe - Hall 10 G22

Training with Virtual Reality - Wishful thinking or reality?

VRsafe is a project of the University of Magdeburg-Stendal. VRsafe develops modern and interactive simulations for safety training addressing dangerous situations. Target groups are fire brigade, ambulance services, the police, the federal agency for technical relief (THW) and other organizations assoziated with safety training.

On-site contact person:
Christian Bremer

innogy SE - Hall 07 A03

innogy Health Guard - more safety for employees in situations with potential hazards

innogy Health Guard belongs to the category of smart clothing. Combined with an app, the shirt uses artificial intelligence to perform a personalized stress and danger analysis and warns the wearer in critical situations. Health Guard not only helps with digital accident prevention, but also offers functions such as a dead man's switch, which makes it profitably usable in various work areas. Thus it helps companies to guide their employees through the working day accident-free and healthy in the long run.

On-site contact person:
Roland Dropalla, innogy SE / Laura Heuser, innogy SE
Tobias Dickel, Westnetz GmbH /
Esteban Bayro Kaiser, WearHealth UG
Florian Dennerlein, ambiotex GmbH

Iturri S.A. - Hall 4 E05

SkelEx 360 – the Exoskeleton to support upper extremities during physically demanding jobs
Exoskeletons are a new and innovative way to reduce physical stress during demanding jobs. Also this year Iturri (system provider for safety solutions and producer of professional and protective clothing) shows new and innovative paths, in order to support the workers in the daily working life. With the ExoIturri Platform Iturri offers a wide range of different ergonomic solutions. Take this opportunity and dive deep in the forward-looking world of exoskeletons. Especially, the SkelEx 360 is as a passive (mechanical) support of the upper extremities one of the most innovative product solution at this year’s exhibition and part of the “Highlight Route”.

Lakeland Industries Europe Ltd. - Hall 9 E61

The new EN 14325, Permasure® and the Future of Chemical Protection

Most selectors of chemical suits use the current permeation test “Normalised Breakthrough” as a “Safe-Use” time – to indicate how long they can safely use a suit. But this is a misunderstanding because “Normalised breakthrough” measures a time for the chemical to reach a speed of permeation and not when it first breaks through the fabric. In fact “First Breakthrough” may occur long before “Normalised Breakthrough”, and so users might be unknowingly and regularly coming into contact with the chemical. And if that chemical only has long term effects this might not become apparent until it is too late.
In consideration of this, the 2018 version of EN 14325, which provides the classifications for Normalised Breakthrough includes a revised method of classifying results – still based on the permeation test but using a different measurement and taking into account the toxicity of each specific chemical.

On-site contact person:
Martin Lill

Linde Material Handling GmbH - Hall 10 A31

Interactive Warning Vest - Smart person detection and warning in combination with industrial trucks

Perceptible, audible & widely visible warning for the user, the forklift truck driver and all persons in the surrounding is provided by the "Interactive Warning Vest". By the communication between forklift and vest pedestrians and forklift drivers are warned in potentially dangerous situations. According to the 2-in-1 principle, the “Interactive Warning Vest” combines all advantages of the innovative Linde Safety Guard assistance system with the common advantages of a certified high visibility vest. 

On-site contact person:
Benjamin Reis, Marco Dirnhofer

Lunative Laboratories GmbH - Hall 10 G22

DIGITAL WORKWEAR: sensor based light textil solutions with individual "human centric approach"

With the help of the Lunative "smart light" and "smart sensor" components, products and use cases "workwear / PPE / corporate wear" with smart light communication scenarios are shown during the A+A, which provide the following functions:

  • Once an employee enters prohibited areas, the work clothing lights up accordingly.
  • In case of poor/dark visibility conditions, the textile automatically lights up or changes its luminous behaviour.
  • The workwear identifies specific scenarios or corresponding behavior and communicates with corresponding light variations.
  • "Intelligent" communication between workwear and the environment or the person(s) himself.

On-site contact person:
Achim Pörtner, Andreas Lanyi, Tanja Krämer

MSA Deutschland GmbH - Hall 6 H29

Adopting digital technology and connectivity solutions to create a world-class detection program

Visit us and learn why you should embrace digital technology to better manage gas detection risks, achieve operational efficiencies and proactively manage the safety of worksite.

Traditionally, the management of safety places has a strong focus on measuring incidents. However in a broader organizational context, incident datasets are limited to analyze for improvements. By utilizing Safety io Grid Fleet Manager organizations can proactively track incident types and monitor the compliance of their gas detection equipment making standard operating procedures more efficient. Learn how it is achieved with accumulated data from number of devices and locations allowing to generate higher value insights, which can be used to reduce risks. Extensive on-screen reporting and filtering capabilities won’t require data statistics experience or IT background. With Safety io managers can embrace and quickly adopt digital technology, helping them make better decisions and promote the success of their department, driving the culture of innovation.

On-site contact person:
Christo Petkov (DE und EN), Robert Daniel (DE), Andrzej Janowski (EN), Anthony Bafile (EN)

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The new tools for digital work planning - motion capture and 3D simulation

Are you wondering what the future holds for planning and designing new workplaces? With us you can experience this live. The workplaces and workflows of tomorrow are created today in virtual space. Their interpretation can be proven prospectively in the digital planning stage by means of modern evaluation procedures (Human Work Design and EAWS (Ergonomics Assessment Worksheet)). A tool for occupational safety and planning in equal measure. Have we aroused your interest? Then visit us at the booth of MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. in hall 10 number 10D47.

On-site contact person:
Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch

Quentic GmbH - Hall 6 E12

Digital assistants to support occupational safety - opportunities and future scenarios of digital technologies

Artificial intelligence (AI) already enriches many areas of life and work. It also has a great deal of potential in occupational health and safety. The lecture by Quentics Chief Product Officer Dr. Mario Lenz shows how AI and mobile technologies make work even safer and place people at the centre. As one of the leading solution providers for Software as a Service (SaaS) in the European HSE and CSR market, Quentic will use its digital application and a pilot for a digital assistant to present a variety of opportunities and usage scenarios for artificial intelligence in occupational safety and show how a safe environment can be created proactively. Find out more - on November 6, at 11 am and 3 pm at the Quentic booth.

On-site contact person:
Dr. Mario Lenz

Scaffeye GbR - Hall 10 H26-1

SCAFFEYE is the perfect digital solution for the central management of every scaffold.

SCAFFEYE creates security and transparency and, as a versatile digital tool, effectively saves time and money. SCAFFEYE provides tools and functions for scaffold erectors, tradesmen, planners & safety coordinators and scaffold users that are tailored to requirements. SCAFFEYE thus facilitates the handling of scaffolds and creates verifiable, traceable safety.

On-site contact person:
Jeanette Spanier

SCS Shoe Commerce - Hall 10 G22

myPPE - Digital Supply and Procurement Platform for Personal Protectice Equipment

With the digital supply and procurement platform myPPE, scs shoe commerce GmbH enables the efficient supply of employees with correct and appropriate personal protective equipment according to Supply Chain 4.0. The focus of myPPE is providing the best possible safety footwear for employees. The best-fitting safety footwear is determined after a foot scan with a unique 3D Best Fit procedure. Due to the direct connection of the procurement system via EDI, digital and automated processes, and reduced inventories, procurement costs are significantly reduced. Another important aspect is the reduction of sick days through the prevention and care of foot anomalies.

On-site contact person:
Jörg Brücher

3M Deutschland GmbH - Hall 06 E27

3M (TM) Connected Safety – 3M Platform for digital personal protection

Enhancing personal protection of workers by using digital solutions is the target of 3M ™ Connected Safety. Based on a digital management system the safety manager is aware of the inspection status of PPE and training status of workers at any time. Besides this, it is possible to generate checklists for equipment and areas and to create reports on demand.

On-site contact person:
Dr. Jan Forster, Technical Manager
Bernadette Niehaus, Market Development Manager

Universal Robots - Hall 10 B42


Cobots make it possible for man and machine to work together safely without having to be separated by safety fences. The aim here is to create a safe working environment for human-robot collaboration.

On-site contact person:
Andreas Häusler