Trade Fair Reports 2015


The 30th A+A Jubilee - a journey in time

A very entertaining review of historical moments and corresponding A+A shows starting in 1954 with the 1st A+A!

Minister Nahles For Better Health At The Workplace

At the moment the solutions are still being discussed – for the problem of how to integrate possibly hundreds of thousands of refugees into the German job market. One of the problems is going to be organizing the integration in a safe way as well as communicating values concerning topics such as occupational safety and health. This is just one of the issues at the trade fair and the congress A+A in Düsseldorf, which was opened by the Federal Minister of Labor Andrea Nahles.

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A+A – Exporting Occupational Safety

A safe workplace without health risks is a wide-spread standard in Germany. However, due to many industries’ customary shift of production to less expensive – or even low-wage countries, this approach would be too short-sighted. That is why the trade fair on the topic, the A+A in Düsseldorf, and the corresponding congress are not only discussing the standards in this country – but also how to export them throughout the whole world.

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Dizzying Heights – The Fire Department Rescues Everywhere

The fire department’s high-angle rescuers help in places where only few people would voluntarily dare to go – on a skyscraper, into a well shaft or other depths. And when doing this, they rely on two things: their education and their material.

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International visitors about A+A

A+A opened its doors and masses of visitors entered the Düsseldorf exhibtion grounds. Our reporter Emily Whigham spoke to them about their intentions and the significance of A+A.

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