Video interviews and reports A+A 2013

Safe Electromobility
It is a horror scenario: the ultramodern electric vehicle bursts into flames, the lithium-ion batteries are damaged and the firefighters hardly dare to get close to the fire for fear of explosions. It is the reverse side to electromobility. High-voltage storage must provide range, but it also has to be safe -- while being assembled as well as later on, when in use.

Fireproof in Five Seconds
Most accidents happen at home - or so they say. An entire industry has formed around the topics of accident prevention and maintaining health at the workplace -- correct posture, protective clothing, fall protection, firefighting or emergency escape hoods, which can be put on within seconds and provide protection from smoke or gases as well as the possibility to escape dangerous situations.

DuPont and two important product lines
Albrecht Gerland from DuPont talks about the company's two product lines important at A+A 2013. The Sales Manager also mentions the awarenes level of the end-user in terms of safety.

Uvex and its new brand profile
Uvex introduces a new brand profile at A+A 2013 with 3 brand core values. CEO Stefan M. Brück explains what these are and the importance of design awards.

ActSafe Systems get up high
Our A+A reporter is not scared of heights! At least not when accompanied by Dirk-Jan Swier, training manager at ActSafe Systems, taking him up to the top of the trade fair hall. On the way up, Swier talks about where the lifting system is used and what the advantages are.

FHB and the special material
The quality of the textiles for workwear is of utmost importance. Managing director Peter Hoffmann of FHB therefore talks about the special material they work with for some of their products. He also introduces the concept of his booth.

Bornack with a safety belt against suspension trauma
Klaus Bornack has been in the safety business for a long time. The CEO of the company Bornack talks about industries interested in his products as well as about an innovation: a safety belt that protects veins and is supposed to prevent suspension trauma.

Skydda brought two main highlights
Product area manager Roger Rasmussen at Skydda talks about membrane gloves with unique features and protective eyewear - both products are innovations presented at A+A 2013.

ABUS with a wide range of padlocks
ABUS has entered the market on the mechanical security side of the safety industry and presents a wide variety of padlocks with many unique features. Zac Twight is CEO USA and talks about a 2-way communication strategy at A+A which enables him to learn about the needs of his customers.

Safety at work for older people
The population in industrial nations is growing older. This affects the arrangements that have to be made for employees over the age of 35 in the workplace. At the A+A in Düsseldorf, Europe’s supreme guardian for safety and health at work, Christa Sedlatschek, calls for a higher awareness when it comes to aging employees’ needs.

This jacket will go through fire
When a unit of firefighters enters a burning building to save lives, the firefighters put their own lives on the line. In 2011, over 6300 reportable accidents occurred involving volunteer firefighters. Before long, intelligent textiles will be able to significantly increase the firefighters’ safety. And this is only one of the topics, which the trade fair for health and security at work, the A+A in Düsseldorf will be focusing on.

3M and their respiratory masks
3M brought 37 new products to A+A 2013 including respiratory masks for the food industry. Marketing manager Anja Corduan explains what these innovations are and where she expects future developments for her branch in the interview.

Dräger and its application-driven exhibition
An application-driven exhibition can be seen at Dräger's booth. Director Sales & Service, Jörg Koppel, explains in the interview what this means and also gives an outlook into the future of his branch.

A+A 2013: Opening of the international trade fair
The leading international event for health and safety at work (trade fair + congress) has opened its doors today. Our K reporter spoke to visitors entering the exhibition premises about reasons to come to A+A 2013.

Image film A+A 2013
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