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Protective garments made of rubber

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  • Top exhibitor

    Manulatex France SAS

    Champtoce Sur Loire, France
    MANULATEX France has been developping, manufacturing and selling Personal Protective Equipments intended for the food-processing industry in particular: Chainmail aprons and aprons made with
    Manulatex France SAS
  • AS Arbeitsschutz GmbH

    Bedburg, Germany
    With this attitude, we have developed into a renowned manufacturer brand. From the beginning, we have built and strengthened our worldwide partnerships on the pillars of reliability, flexibility, as
    AS Arbeitsschutz GmbH
  • Sustainability

    ReiKo aproTex GmbH

    Hanstedt, Germany
    ReiKo aproTex GmbH is a premium manufacturer focusing on innovative and durable reusable hygienic protective clothing made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU sleeve aprons, TPU sleeve protectors, TPU
    ReiKo aproTex GmbH
  • Van Laere International N.V.

    Hamme, Belgium
    People who work in a demanding environment need the right equipment to achieve an optimal performance. HEROCK® makes sure that you always have the perfect gear for every job at your disposal, even
    Van Laere International N.V.